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Erratum to: 12th WINFOCUS world congress on ultrasound in emergency and critical care

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Critical Ultrasound Journal20168:13

  • Received: 3 October 2016
  • Accepted: 3 October 2016
  • Published:

The original article was published in Critical Ultrasound Journal 2016 8:12

Erratum to: Crit Ultrasound J 2016, 8(Suppl 1):12 DOI 10.1186/s13089-016-0046-8

Following publication of the original article [1], it was brought to our attention that the third author, Dražen Perkov, was missing from the author list of A15 (The challenge of AAA: unusual case of obstructive jaundice). We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.



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Authors’ Affiliations

General Hospital Zabok and Hospital of Croatian Veterans, Zabok, Croatia
University Hospital Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia


  1. The Authors et al (2016) 12th WINFOCUS world congress on ultrasound in emergency and critical care. Crit Ultrasound J 8(Suppl 1):A15. doi:10.1186/s13089-016-0046-8 Google Scholar


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